Naches Pass Trail p1 - Aug 2014

Naches Pass Trail is in the (surprise) Naches ranger district of Mount Baker/Snoqualmie NF. Following the trail to the end will land you in the Wenatchee NF.

The trail head is reachable from FS-70, just past Greenwater off 410. The Naches trail is a "jeep friendly" alternative to Chinook pass, or the FS-70/FS-19 combo.

The trail follows the path of the historic Naches Pass wagon trail, one of the first wagon trails into Puget sound. The trail is mostly uphill travelling east, which is what we did.

Trail Details

The first part of the trail is series of steep hill climbs which tested the limits of my YJ and had me wishing for lockers more than a few times. Thankfully, no winching was required although I cant imagine that would have been the case with any type of recent rain.

The first part of the trail is also very narrow, and my mirrors were knocked in a couple of times.

Once we got past the first series of hill climbs, things got a lot easier.

The trail is a very long run. We started late in the day and were not able to finish, and ended up camping about 3/4 of the way to the end. If we had started in the morning, finishing by 5pm would have been very realistic however.


There are not many places to camp along the trail, but it was easy to find a spot once we left the trail. As the video shows, about 3/4 of the way we popped off and onto the FS-70/FS-19 pass... which landed us in a very good campsite within 5 minutes of leaving the trail.

Although the trail is very wooded, we saw many deer and other wildlife at the campsite and pretty much anytime we passed an open area. There was even a sizeable herd on the road in the morning.


Bug spray. Especially in august. When we set up our camp, I was wearing my raincoat, fully zipped, with just my head peeking out, because any exposed flesh was fair game and quickly attacked by hungry bugs. I had to remain covered until 1-2 hrs after sunset, which in august is quite late, and left me very hot and sweating.